🆕 We've been working on a brand new feature that will allow your buyers to participate in auctions even if they're not present on your show!

👣 Step-by-step guide

<aside> 💡 The maximum bid is only available within 5 days of your show and only if the quantity of your product is equal to 1!


On the seller studio, you will soon be able to see the number of alerts placed on each product as well as the number of auto-bids:


To make the most of this feature, don’t forget to:

⏰ Create products 5 days before your show

📸 Add photos to showcase the product

On the buyer's side, here's what setting an auto-bid looks like. The buyer can click on one of your products listed in your show and follow 4 very simple steps.

1️⃣ Click on "Bid now"


2️⃣ You will receive an explanation pop-up


3️⃣ A field to input your bid and a swipe to confirm.


4️⃣ The auto-bid is confirmed!


💡 Some Important Information