The quantity feature is now available on Seller Studio! 🔥

No need to enter the same product 35 times and re-upload the photos each time!

Here is a step-by-step guide:


And there you have it, precious minutes saved in preparing your show!

<aside> 💡 Quantities work for all types of products, including auctions, giveaways, and instant-buys!


For the buyer, nothing changes, the purpose of this new feature is to simplify product creation, therefore it is not yet possible for a buyer to purchase multiple products in a single transaction.

As an additional update with quantities, the "Unsold" tab has been removed from your show. If an auction does not find a buyer, you will find your product in the "Products for sale" section, and you can relaunch the auction.

Now that everything is easier, remember to follow these tips for a successful show: