Did you know that you can get our famous certified badge, similar to those on Instagram, Twitch, or Facebook? This little blue badge added to your account name attests to your authenticity on Voggt. To get yours, follow these simple steps.


What is the Voggt certified badge?

It is a small blue icon that enhances your credibility and visibility on the platform.

Registering your request is easy, simply fill out this form and our dedicated team will manually verify that you meet the criteria to obtain this badge.

It strengthens your digital communication and brand image by:

How to obtain Voggt certification?

No matter your account type (personal, professional, organization, celebrity, or influencer), you can request Voggt certification.

Not all accounts will receive the blue badge, but this procedure will allow you to submit a request to obtain the coveted certification.

I have certification on other platforms

It's even easier! Fill out the form 'Request certification' indicating your name, your Voggt account, and your accounts with blue badges on other social networks.

I have no certification

If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible for Voggt certification, congratulations!